C*nsorship Magazine

C*nsorship Magazine is a literary magazine all about censorship. Clue’s in the name. We take inspiration from the little magazines of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We welcome poetry, prose and visual art, as experimental as they come!

We want our contributors to always have in the back of their minds the topic of censorship. Censorship comes in many forms, which fall under legal and non-legal umbrellas: political and governmental; religious; artistic; social (economic-, gender-, sexual orientation- or class-induced, etc); self-censorship (as a result of external forces or internal doubts); editorial; the list goes on and on.

Writers during the turn of the 20th century were conscious of and subject to the many forms of censorship at play in their milieu, and this prominent concern is something we want to pay homage to at C*nsorship Magazine. What are your thoughts on censorship? Do any censored writers/artists inspire your own work? Have you personally experienced censorship? Many of us have, but don’t always realise until we think about it.

How can we channel the essence of those early little magazines today? This question is central to C*nsorship Magazine. We want to emulate individual magazines’ aesthetics, ethoses, formal concepts, textual concepts, materiality and themes.

C*nsorship Magazine will publish four issues per annum. These four issues will each be assigned a little magazine, which will inspire and be central to that issue. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the big reveal with each issue! In each issue, we will publish up to 20 pieces by different authors and artists.