Please submit your piece below! We will be open for submissions until 1st May and will aim to give feedback within two weeks of submissions closing.

Unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to pay contributors. This is something we are working on, and we hope to be paying contributors in a couple of issues time. We will, however, do our utmost to support and promote your work, whether published in C*nsorship Mag or elsewhere. We are hoping that we will form a close relationship with all of our contributors, and a community that will be supportive and uplifting.

We are looking to emulate The Savoy magazine in our first issue (, so please have a look at its archives by following this link.

For issue 1, we will accept poetry, prose and visual art which are:

  • Directly inspired by a piece from The Savoy;
  • AND/OR inspired by The Savoy’s ethos/vision/aesthetic;
  • AND/OR on the theme of censorship;
  • AND/OR on the theme of opulence.

Guidelines and Terms for Submissions:

If you would like, you may submit up to two pieces. Please attach them separately.

Please include the title of your piece and your full name on the attachment (if submitting written work rather than visual).

Please submit prose/poetry/other written work in a .docx format.

Please submit prose/poetry/other written work in size 12 font and Times New Roman as standard, unless you wish to utilise/experiment with font and size in your piece.

Please submit visual art in the format of JPEG, PDF or PNG, in the highest resolution you can.

If submitting a piece that has already been published elsewhere, please gain permission from the publisher. We will credit them as needed.

We do not have a word count or page limit for submissions.

We will NOT accept submissions that could be deemed offensive or hateful. We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of submission and you will not be able to submit to us again if attempted.

C*nsorship Minizine: If you want your submission to be considered for the minizine and not the magazine, please write (MINIZINE) next to your name in the submission file.